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Adj. Prof. Dr. Martin Haemmig

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Current International advisor to governments, VC associations, and intl. VC firms in Asia, Europe, Israel and USA, as well as university lecturer in USA and Europe on "Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital", and non-executive board member for Swiss-based international technology companies (SMEs)
Past Business executive and engineer in electronics, machineries and aerospace in Europe, Asia, and USA since 1978 (11 years overseas)

Business Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and MBA at CSIM-USA; Senior Executive Program at UC Berkeley/USA; Board Management Program at Univerity of St. Gallen; 2 Post Graduate Programs at UC Berkeley/USA
Engineering Information Technology, BS-eq. BBC Eng. School/Switzerland; Microprocessor Technology, Control Data Institute, San Francisco/USA
Languages English (in UK-1yr, in USA 5-yrs); French (in Nice & Paris 1-yr)

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Venture Capital &
Innovation &
  • Stanford University (SPRIE) – ‘Senior Advisor on VC’ (since 2008)
  • World Economic Forum (WEF) – ‘Core Team’, Multiple projects (since 2004)
  • E&Y (VCAG) – ‘Academic VC Advisor’ to global VC think-tank (since 2002)
  • Beijing Government – ‘Advisor for VC & Internationalization’ (since 2009)
  • Shanghai VC Association – ‘International VC Advisor’ (since 2009)
  • SECA – ‘Co-chairman for Research & Statistics’ (since 2002)
  • etc.
  • Largest research ever on “The Globalization of VC” (600-page book)
  • Research on “High Growth Startups” (Stanford University & WEF)
  • Swiss national marketing champion in 1994
  • etc.