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My Articles Archive
  2005-03: China VC Journal -- 'Investors Investing Globally' (in Chinese language)
  Added Value by VCs (China VC Journal) -- 03-2004
  China VC Environment in Summary (SECA Yearbook -- 09-2005)
  Fortress China for VC-PE (SECA Newsletter -- 09-2005)
  PE-VC Performance -- Article in Chinese (China VC Journal 08-2005)
  Global Innovation Through VC (Professional Investor -- 06-2005)
  Added Value by VCs -- Article in Chinese (China VC Journal -- 12-2004)
  Investing in China (IVCJ -- 06-2004)
  Global VC Insights Report 2004 (E&Y +Martin Haemmig) -- 06-2004 (64p)
  The Globalization of VC --- Case for Israel (IVCJ Part-2 -- 03-2004)
  The Globalization of VC --- Case for Israel (IVCJ Part-1 -- 12-2003)
  Globalization of Venture Capital -- book extract (03-2003)
  Advantages and Disadvantages of Taiwan's VC Industry (2003 Yearbook)
  Taiwan in the International Venture Capital Arena (TVCA 2003 Yearbook)
  Eine Ideale Zeit für Startups (Cash Enterprise, January 10/2003)

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